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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 1, 2016 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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beach. this horrific discovery comes as olympic organizers are dealing with a raft of problems, incl d including severe pollution. >> that's raw sewage? >> yes. >> reporter: we flew over rio with a biologist who's been documenting the city's vast water pollution problem for the past 20 years. >> this is just unreal. i mean, this water is black. >> reporter: he hoped the olympics would force rio to clean it up. >> we had seven years and our
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authorities didn't do almost anything. it is a toilet. >> reporter: raw sewage still poors from rio's poor neighborhoods right into the water. >> it sounds crude but this is basically like flushing a giant toilet into the ocean. >> reporter: in the arena where olympic sailers will launch their boats, we saw a giant plume of sewage. they found 1.7 million times the level that would be considered hazardous in the u.s. and it's also trash. tons of it floating in the bay and some athletes say they're worried about running into it. this is an olympic sailer from chile. >> reporter: are you worried that it might impact? >> we've talked about it. >> reporter: oceanographer says the brazilian government
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promised to install eight treatment plants. they built just one. they promised to treat 80% of the sewage flowing into the bay and are only treating about half. so, if you had to grade the job the government has done cleaning up the water, what grade would you give them? >> d. >> d? so they haven't done a very good job? >> no. >> reporter: geto is with rio's environmental department. why has rio not done what it promised to do? >> that's an interesting question. the problem is the sewage system. because it's not easy. it's very expensive and for olympic games, there are no problems with the sources of the bay and the place where the games will be. >> reporter: but it's hard to g ignore that one of the most beautiful places on earth might not be ready for its close up. >> ben, thank you. well, today federal regulators opened an
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investigation into tesla's model s sports cars. in may, a driver using the automated driving system was killed when his car crashed into an 18-wheeler in florida. investigators will look at whether the autopilot performed as well as expected. and they're urging more than 300 thousand accura and honda models to stop driving them and have their detective takata airbags replaced immediately. 2001 to 2003 have a far greater risk rupturing and injuring passengers. more than 70 million cars have been recalled. and low gas prices fuel what could be a record weekend for holiday travel. and a convicted killer gets a retrial thanks to a very popular pod cast. and two faiths come together
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. >> elliott: a.a.a. says 43 million americans are expected to travel between now and the
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fourth of july, which would set a record for the holiday weekend. most are driving to their destinations, and to do it, jericka duncan says they're paying less to fill up. >> reporter: as gas prices approach their lowest levels in more than a decade, 36 million travelers plan to hit the road this weekend. >> i do a lot of traveling, going down to florida with my family, and there are six of us. and you know, with lower gas prices, it has helped tremendously. >> reporter: according to, the national average for a gallon of gas will be $2.27 this fourth of july, 50 cents less than last year and nearly a 40% drop from two years ago when the average price for regular gasoline was $3.66. tamara johnson is with a.a.a. >> the economy is starting to rise a little bit, so we see that consumers are taking the extra money they're saving at the pump, putting it toward a summer trip. >> it's going to be like 20 of us in a big house. >> fireworks. >> partying.
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>> reporter: ben civiletti and his girlfriend stopped in new jersey to fill up on their way to the beach. >> it was a nice surprise when we filled up right here to see it was only $40 as opposed to what would have been $65 or $70 a year ago. >> reporter: but low prices are creating a funding shortfall for some states, fueling lawmakers in maryland and washington state to increase gas taxes, and in new jersey, which has some of the cheapest prices in the country, the state legislature is considering a bill that would raise the gas tax from 14.5 cents to 37.5 a gallon. drivers in the south are expected to benefit the most, but, josh, people out west, well, they'll likely continue to pay over $2 a gallon. >> elliott: jericka duncan tonight, thank you for that. well, still to come here, the subject of a podcast that has millions riveted is getting a retrial.
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>> elliott: adnan syed has been granted a retrial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. syed's story has been told in "serial," a very popular podcast. vinita nair has more. >> reporter: adnan syed was ultimately granted a retrial by a judge. in maryland. but it was the more than 68 million people who downloaded a podcast about his trial and conviction that likely helped the most. lead defense attorney justin brown. >> we made it. we got him a new trial. i will curb my enthusiasm because there's still a lot more fighting to go. he's still not out of jail. syed had been serving a life sentence for the 1999 murder for his ex-girlfriend 18-year-old hae min lee. in overturning the case, the judge said syed had ineffective
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assistance and an expert witness had not been cross-examined. the podcast also raised questions about why another student who swore she could provide an alibi for syed was never called to testify. 35-year-old syed long maintained his innocence. >> no one could ever come with any type of proof or anecdote or anything to ever say that i was ever mad at her, that i was ever angry with her, that i ever threatened her. >> reporter: it's still not clear whether he'll be granted bail while the new trial gets under way. josh? >> elliott: very big news for the tens of millions who followed this case. vinita, thank you. coming up next, two faiths, one house of worship. ,, ,$8drw
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>> elliott: next tuesday marks the end of ramadan, the muslim holy month. and at a time when religion is so often a source of division, one house of worship in washington d.c., stands as home to a surprising unity. anna werner pays a visit. >> reporter: every friday inside this historic church, there's a call to prayer answered by hundreds of muslims, surrounded by christian icons. two religions, sharing the same space. >> it starts with people understanding each other, and
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then it goes to religions understanding each other. >> reporter: farooq syed has been organizing these prayers ever since the church of epiphany opened its doors to the muslim faithful who needed a place to worship eight years ago. the prayers began with 50 people. now there are over 300 who pray each week with the church's blessing. >> it's our job to be the hands and feet of peace in the world, and how do we do that is by loving one another. >> i don't know if they ever thought that muslims would come here and pray and become one of the biggest congregations of church of epiphany. >> reporter: so your congregation is much larger than the church's congregation? >> yes. this is the biggest congregation pthe muslim prayers.piphany has, >> not only do they feed my stomach, but they also fed my soul. >> reporter: 50-year-old syed bond is homeless. he converted to islam in his 20s but found this prayer service by chance three years ago. he's one of dozens of homeless
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people who are part of this congregation. he now helps prepare the sanctuary for friday prayer. for bond, the church has become more than just a place to pray. >> look at that. i'm not christian, but i look at that as beautiful. [bell tolls] >> reporter: and during the prayers, we heard a sound, church bells. >> it's amazing. you know, it's amazing to see two things together. you know, who can imagine, you know, church bells ringing and a muslim giving a sermon? it's a moment of reflection for people who think that we are different. we are all the same. we are all the same. >> reporter: muslims and christians in unity in a church bearing witness to an epiphany. anna werner, cbs news, washington, d.c. >> that is the overnight news
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for this friday. for some the news continues. for others, check back a bit later. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm josh elliott. this is the cbs overnight news. >> they're calling for a special prosecutor in hillary clinton's use of a private email server after revelations that attorney general, loretta lynch held a private meeting with husband, bill clinton. he got invited on to lynch's government jet for a chat. she's currently under investigation by the justice department and the fbi. nancy reports. >> that meeting took place as president clinton was leaving that phoenix airport and lynch arrivin arriving. she says they did not discuss the email investigation but it
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is providing new fodder for republicans who argue her justice department can't be impartial. >> i did see the president at the phoenix airport the other night. as i was landing, he was heading out. >> reporter: the encounter was initiated by him and reportedly lasted about half an hour. on her plane on the tar mack. >> he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself and talk about his grandchildren and his travels and things like that. >> reporter: an aide said that saying hello to a cabinet secretary or other dig nuitary is a courtesy he always extends. but even the impression of favoritism could hurt lynch as they investigate hillary clinton's use of a private server while secretary of state. lynch insisted wednesday, the probe will be fair. >> it's being handled by career agents and investigators whoall
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a ways follow the facts and the law. >> reporter: this comes after another 155 pages were released as part of a separate court case, some of which clinton failed to hand over last year. clinton tells her top aid in 2009, she's concerned about the management of her personal and official files. saying quote i think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want. huma said i would imagine anybody who has personal email doesn't want that personal email to be read by anybody else. that was alleging that clinton set up her private email account to evade federal records requirements. the clinton campaign has not had any comment about the meeting at the phoenix airport, beyond saying that they agree with
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lynch's version of evebnts. the chief spokesman for the leave campaign says he has no interest in being the next prime minister. former london mayor and current member of parliament says he doesn't want to run the country or even his own conservative party. >> you who have waited faithfully for the punch line of this speech. but having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament, i have concluded that person cannot be me. my role, my role will be to give every possible support to the next conservative administration to make sure that we properly fulfill the mandate of the people that was delivered at the referendum and to champion the agenda i believe in. >> current prime minister, david cameron who campaigned to stay
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says he will step down as soon as a replacement is made. investigators in turkey have released another security video showing one of the terrorists who attacked the istanbul airport. that's him in the black waving what looks like a gun inside the international terminal. they say the three were from russia, izbeck stan and kurdistan. holly williams reports. sglrks t >> reporter: the police raids targeted at recruiting for isis. meanwhile, we now have a much clearer idea of how this terror attack was carried out. it began here, when the three attackers arrived at the international terminal in a taxi. turkish media claims this photo from a security camera shows the three suicide bombers as they arrivedali alityt the airport. two of the attackers managed to
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force their way inside the building. armed with guns and hand grenades, despite a layer of security at the door. turkish reports say these images show one of the attackers inside the terminal and another dressed in a thick, quilted jacket in the middle of summer which would have aroused suspicion. one of the suicide bombers detonated at the early arrivals area and a third upstairs in the departure section, close to pass port control. security managed to shoot that attacker before he too, blew himself up. >> i haueard a blast. >> reporter: thomas kemper from atlanta, georgia was a short distance from that blast waiting for a connecting flight. that send passengers running for a place to hide.
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>> the bomb went off, okay, you're still alive but now they come shoot you. all of this what you have seen. >> reporter: heart broken relatives began burying their dead yesterday. most of those killed, appear to have been muslims, murdered by terrorists during the islamic holy month of ramadan. the attackers were not muslims, said the turkish president, they've prepared their place in hell. >> on the presidential campaign trail, donald trump says it is time to get tough on the islamic state, that means water boarding any captured isis gunman. donald trump wants to use harsh interrogation, temporary blocking muslim immigration and in some cases surveilling some mosques. hillary clinton calls all of these tactics out of bounds and
3:37 am
so do some tough republicans. >> isis was created during the hillary clinton regime. >> reporter: donald trump blamed hillary clinton and obama administration for not recognizing the isis threat. >> it will be massive and we won't have a country. we're going to be afraid to walk outside. >> reporter: his insistence t t that -- irks fellow republicans. so, do his calls for the group's barbarity. >> so, we can't do water boarding, but they can chop off heads, they can do whatever they want to do. >> reporter: 2008 republican nominee, john mccain himself a victim of torture, said water boarding waists time and jeopardizes american troops. >> if you inflict enough pain on someone, that person will tell you whatever you think that you want to hear in order to make the pain stop.
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♪ the summer olympics in rio begin in five weeks and for the first time since 1904, golf will be one of the sports. trouble is a lot of the top golfers in the world are bypassing the games out of fear for the zika virus. top ranked jason day had a long list that they said they'll let others play through. but bubba watson says he's not afraid. and here forwith wautszen for " minutes." >> easy game, boys. easy game. >> reporter: bubba watson makes it look easy. at a private club in scots dats,
3:41 am
arizona, he's playing with his wife, angie, and long time tour caddy, ted scott and child hood friend, now accountant, chad wells. a relaxed 4some with the trio of "60 minutes" camera crews tagging along. >> if it hits you, you won't even know it. 190 miles per hour, you won't feel it. >> reporter: a dash of juvenile, a dash of genius and a full cup of cocky. >> oh, that's a par. >> come on. are they allowed to beat you? >> oh, they're allowed. they just can't. >> he's only hit the ball bad a few times. so, i don't know where that comes from, but he's a physical genius when it comes to his ability. >> reporter: watson doesn't like the driving range and hates
3:42 am
talking about technique. he just plays. he's one of the longest hitters on tour. his drives with that playful pink club average 315 yards and he hardly ever hits the ball straight. >> look at that curve. >> reporter: everything's a hook or a slice, a fade or a draw. what have you seen him do? >> pretty much everything possible on a golf course or that you thought might be impossible. >> reporter: fellow pro, ricky fowler is also a close friend. >> ease he's a freak. >> reporter: one of the most famous shots in masters history on the sekcond hole of a playof in 2012, watson's drive landed in the pine straw. >> when i hit it in the woods, i was devastated. i was done.
3:43 am
then i get over there and i see the crowd has made a path so i can pull this shot off. big hook. [ applause ] >> did it hook? oh, what a shot. >> reporter: how hard of a shot was it? >> it really is not that hard a shot for bubba. >> reporter: come on? >> for bubba to hook a golf ball 40 yards, that's not that hard for him to do. if we would have been playing golf for fun, i would have said good shot because i've seen him do that shot before. >> reporter: that shot produced a two putt par. [ applause ] and his first masters victory. angie had to watch from home with infant son caleb, who they'd adopted just two weeks earlier. they were both there to see him win his second green jacket just two years later. they've since adopted a daughter, dakota.
3:44 am
>> look out. >> could it be? >> reporter: he's won four tournaments in the last two years and he's climbed to number five in the world. and the legend is you never took a golf lesson. >> still haven't. >> reporter: is that true? >> yeah. the physical game is easy. that sounds easy. but i can do that. i can hit it far, i can curve it. it's just mentally being at that moment right then. >> and how hard is it to control the mental stuff for you? >> it's a learning process and i'm getting better at it. >> reporter: but it doesn't always look that way. a few pechialant outbursts have alienated a lot of people. in hartford in 2016, microphones picked him up criticizing ted scott for the nine iron he
3:45 am
recommended. all the sudden everybody went oh, my gosh, bubba watson's a jerk. >> so, with me, i got to get my anger out. don't let it linger, just let it out. and teddy always knows. he always jokes, 10 seconds. give bubba 10 seconds, he's good. >> reporter: but it's left a lasting impression with some fans. >> my wish is that people wouldn't be so quick to judge about that moment in hartford. i would say over 80% of their guys bash their caddies verbally on the tour. why is that? because it's pressure. you can't take it personally. if you're thin skinned, you don't need to caddy. it's just part of the job. >> reporter: perhaps but when pga players were asked last year which of their fellow golfers they'd be least likely to help in a fist fight, watson finished first. >> first time i heard this question, the poll came out, was
3:46 am
nobody wants to help bubba in a fight and i said well, everybody thinks i'm tough, i like it. and my caddy said no. he s he said the reason they don't like you is they just don't understand you because you're nuts. >> reporter: were you surprised to hear that people didn't like you? >> no. >> reporter: he insists he's not trying to rub people the wrong way, it's just tough for him to be in his own skin sometimes. >> i have a lot of mental issues. i'm scared of a lot of things. scared of heights, crowds, those are my biggest issues. >> reporter: how do you reconcile that when you have to play golf with hundreds of people all around you? >> you know, in between hole sz really scary to me because there's so many people that close to me. >> reporter: scary? >> i'm just scared of people in
3:47 am
general. >> he's scared of everything. >> reporter: ted scott learned of bubba's fears the first time they worked together 10 years ago. >> there was a 10-year-old kid who asked for his autograph and no one knew who bubba was at the time. he was a rookie on tour and he kind of ignored him like he didn't see him and i thought what a jerk. and as i got to know him, even that kid coming up to him that he doesn't know is a fearful situation to him. >> reporter: he's legitimately fearful of people he doesn't know? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but watson's nerve endings seem to be closer to the surface than most people. >> bubba notices everything. he'll say look over your right shoulder, there's a guy with a blue cap right over the thing. >> reporter: he did it with us
3:48 am
in a break during our interview. >> do you hear them clicking a pen and tapping? >> reporter: do you? >> i'm like can they hear that on the microphone and that thing over here keeps flickering. gosh. >> whew, man, he is a mess. but he's a fun mess, you know. i think bubba is an extremely emotional person but 90% of the time that's happiness. >> reporter: his emotions are most closely connected to one person. tell me about your dad. gary watson was an remembarmy c veteran, greenvietnam. he died in 2010. >> he was a hard worker, very dedicated to his family. very smart. didn't like to be told what to
3:49 am
do. kind of where i get my stuff from. one of the things i've learned from my dad is good or bad is not to trust. >> and you can see the put some distance between you and temptation with... ...meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. ♪ ♪ ♪
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(sound♪ of music ♪histling) introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. if you have ever tried to buy concert tickets online only to find out the show had sold out in a matter of minutes,
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you're not alone. high tech scalpers corner the market. jaime yukus is on broadway. >> reporter: "hamilton" is officially sold out at the box office until may. that only leaves two alternate ways. you can camp out for days hoping for a cancellation or turn to the computer, is alsoili illegan more than a dozen states. and in new york, violators could soon pay with their freedom. if you're looking for a ticket to broadway's hottest show, it's going to be hard to find and it's going to cost you plenty. >> so, for only $1945. that's the lowest price. >> reporter: it's not just
3:53 am
"hamilton."o cf1 o as tickets sell out at a furious rate. you're not competing with humans. you're compete against computers. the modern tool of scalpers and it's not a fair fight. a single ticket bot scooped up 520 tickets to beyonce concert in minutes. >> the unfair advantage is when you have soft ware programs and systems that start doing it far faster than anyone could ever do it. i would love for it to be fixed but the question is how? >> reporter: they were supposed to be stopped by those squigally broken up letters that only
3:54 am
humans could detect until now. >> they're going to get more intelligent and learn to operate more like humans. >> reporter: scalpers sell those on ticket sites like stup stubhub. >> we're working with the new york legislature and legislatures around the world to insure that bots are eliminated as the best possible way to allow people to get access to tickets fairly and efficiently. lin-manuel miranda called for tougher laws to stop the bots from killing broadway. >> reporter: new york attorney general helped lead the charge. ticket bot violations were handled with a fine. >> we're talking about thousands of dollars of fines for people who can make millions of dollars. >> reporter: but if governor
3:55 am
cuomo signs it into law, they ,,
3:56 am
3:57 am
summer is here and the time is right for hitting the pool unless you have read the new report by the centers for disease control, they say nearly 80% of public pools fail routine health inspections. here from plano, texas. >> reporter: whether you're diving or doing the back stroke, swimmers expect the water in their public pools to be clean. luis sanchez inspects schools for the city of plano, north of dallas. he routinely checks the chemical levels and looks for any problems. >> i'll be looking at the pool floor, making sure the drains and bottom of the pool is vezabve visible sgloir visible. >> reporter: but the cdc found
3:58 am
some don't check their pools. this public pool in new orleans was shut down last year after a number of swimmers became sick. >> my body was inflamed with rashes and itching and burning. >> my ears have been oozing and itching, really inflamed. >> reporter: the cdc looked at inspection reports from california, arizona, texas, florida and new york, they have nearly 40% of the nation's public pools. the cdc found nearly 80% had at least one violation. the most common, improper ph levels, followed by improper safety equipment. the report also showed that one in eight public pools were immediately closed because of serious health and safety violations. >> an example would be not enough disinfectant or chlorine in the water. germs could spread among
3:59 am
swimmers. >> reporter: robin manages the public pools in the city of dallas. she says at every pool rule number one is no number two. >> there are little kids. sometimes their bathroom habits aren't the same as adults. a lot of contaminants can be introduced in the water from kids. >> reporter: and adults can bring things into the pool. >> just because it's a pair of shorts doesn't mean it's a swim suit. >> reporter: one of the biggest problem areas is where kids play. the cdc report found that one in five city pools were closed because of violations. they want the parents to be extra careful, they can buy ph strips and test out the water to make sure it's safe. >> that is the overnight news for this friday. for some the news continues, for others, check back later for the
4:00 am
morning news and cbs this morning. captioning funded by cbs it's friday, july 1st, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." conflict of interest. a meeting between former president clinton and the attorney general angers the gop and even has the democrats shaking their heads. transgender ban dropped. the pentagon says transgender people can serve openly in the military. and severe water pollution mars olympic venues in rio. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. an


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